Dates: Karamoja Cultural Event Kaabong 2018 – “With unity and peace, we cherish our culture for the development of Karamoja” – The fifth annual Karamoja Cultural Event 2018 will take place from 28th August to 1st September in Kaabong District in Uganda.


Kaabong District

31st August – 1st September 2018

Organising committee:
Karamoja Cultural Association 2018 Kaabong Chapter. In collaboration with Karamoja Cultural Association and Kaabong District Local Government.

Host communities
The event is hosted by the Ateker group which comprise of Karamojong (Uganda), Turkana (Kenya), Toposa (South Sudan) and Nyangatom (Ethiopia).

The theme of the year event: “With unity and peace, we cherish our culture for the development of Karamoja” – “EMORIKINOS EKINYOMA EYOKOTAL TOPLOO KARIMOJONG”.

Karamoja Dialogue topic:
Peace, Unity & Natural Resources

Articles & Papers:
The event is expected to attract pastoral communities from around the globe through contribution of articles on various areas and sharing of papers with scholars.

Expected visitors:
The event is expected to attract delegates from East African pastoralist communities: Karamojong, Teso, Langi (Uganda), Turkana, Samburus (Kenya), Nyangatom, Borana (Ethiopia), Masai (Kenya, Tanzania) and Toposa (South Sudan).

Tentative programme

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  1. Dialogue meeting with development partners, cultural institutions and government agencies on critical advocacy issues in Karamoja specifically (Land, Peace and security for pastoral communities, Natural Resources, Environmental conservation and preservation in the phase of climate change, Gender equality and equity, Quality Education, Health, Food security and humanitarian emergency and governance issues in the development of Karamoja)
  2. Presentation of key note papers and launching of books related to Karamoja/Ateker cluster literature. Karimojong Elders’ Council (Akiriket) bulls and intersession ceremony.
  3. Laying of the foundation stone for Karamoja Cultural Centre (museum) and establishment of cultural clubs.
  4. Planting of 10,000 hundred assorted tree seedlings during the event.
  5. Award of medals to some prominent Karimojong who have contributed a great deal in Culture promotion, peace building and conservation.
  6. Traditional Games and sports ( wrestling, ekorobe, Ngikilees/mweso/chooro, etc) Exhibitions of traditional dances,local artists, artefacts, foods, drinks, clothing (Mr. and Miss Karamoja Cultural Ambassador (simply Mr. and Miss Karamoja Culture).
  7. Celebration day for the cultural identity with a number of dignitaries (climax day).
  8. Production of frontline and after event magazines.

Information provided by Mr. Loupa Pius, Karamoja Cultural Association 2019, Kaabong chapter Communications and Lobby. Contact details

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