Impalas translocated to Pian Upe – The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) translocated 92 Impalas from Lake Mburo national park to Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve under Mt Elgon conservation area in Nakapiripirit District Karamoja.

Only Lake Mburo National Park is the known natural home of the impalas. Part of the park was degazetted about three decades ago and taken up by ranchers, who rear cattle. This has put the impalas under threat.

It is against this background that Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has sought to preserve some of the remaining species (impalas) by Impalas translocated to Pian Upe some of them to a new home in north-eastern Uganda in a place known Pian Upe, a wildlife reserve.

“Animals that gave Kampala a name: The impala, belonging to the antelope family, dominated the grassy rolling hills of Kampala many years ago.” – New Vision

“We targeted to take 60 impalas from Mburo to Pian Upe, but we ended up translocating 92,” said Robert Aruho, a veterinarian under Uganda Wildlife Authority.

“We want to enhance the survival of the impalas,” said Aruho, adding that Pian Upe is a wild place that has antelopes as well as cheetah, ostriches, reed bucks and hyenas.

Aruho said Pian Upe is suitable for tourism and that they want to build the population of impalas outside Lake Mburo.

Source: New Vision