Karamoja Mining & Minerals

Ten years ago, no one envisioned the current magnitude of the mining boom in Karamoja sub- region, a region that is now popular for its vast mineral resources. But overall the revenues from the mining is low. Miners especially women work just enough for food leaving no savings thus making families vulnerable to poverty. Through community tourism they are able to save and sent their children to school where possible.

This tour takes you to one of the mining families located in the panoramic arid hills bordering Kenya’s rift valley. As the landscape changes, you will notice that the people have adapted to the dry climate. Here the majority Karamojong and Turkana (Kenya) tribes are living from gold mining and some of the marble industry. The mining family we visit will share the craft of mining and give you the ability to win gold yourself.


  • Guided tour visiting the local mining community. Proceeds financially support the families and enable them to pay school fees and school materials.

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